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. >> thomas roman is live in san pablo for us tonight. tomas? >> one family has left and another is packing to leave. we have had scattered showers and each family is dreading the rain. take a look. this is why. the backyards of three homes are sliding into three homes downhill, and so far neither the city nor their insurance companies are offering any help. >> i will not stay here tonight. >> barbara scott has lived in her home since 1972. rain started on sunday, but today she fears she might lose her home. >> scared, worried. this is home. you look around and you say it is a possibility that i can actually lose my home. >> she's afraid if the deck goes, so goes the home. the structural engineer examined the damage to the three homes and then red taged her home. she is leaving tonight to stay with her twin sister in hercules. the city suggested that they put a tarp over the hillside. but a nephew is taking the tarp off saying it is useless. >> whatever the city is going to do, they will do. >> reporter: so far the city hasn't been able to do anything. they say the houses are not on city pr
steroids, the home homerun king goes on trial for saying it. tomas roman joins us to el it us what happens next. >> jury selection begins tomorrow morning. in san francisco federal court in the perjury and steroid use trial. the biggest challenge will be to seat jurors who know little or nothing about the steroid scandal or who don't think bonds is a hero to baseball. jury selection in federal court goes a lot faster than most of us are used to. >> abc7's legal analyst says the barry bonds' trial will likely be efficient and quick. that's because a federal scwuj wields a lot of control. >> the judge controls most of the questioning of the jurors. >> he built his questionnaire last week. the questions range from "what websites do you visit? " to "have you ever visited a giants' game." it limits questions the court may ask. >> it may well be that this jury is picked very, very quickly, possibly in a day or day and a half. >> barry bonds faces four counts of lying to a federal grand jury and one count of obstruction of justice. he says bonds continues to fight this now four-year legal battle
technical help from the u.s. and the head of the international atomic energy agency just arrived. latest picture rae veal how far gone the reactor really are. explosion and blazing heat have reduced the unit to rav sanjay gupta skeleton. emergency worker continue desperate effort to drown the over heated core with sea water from the air and from the ground using water cannon made to subdue rioters. flight operators put in a new power line to restore electricity and get water pump working again. if that fails the pentagon has shipped in american pumps. workers have to operate them continuing to defy death. in reactor 4 the water in the fuel rod pool is critically low if any left. without water the rod ignite and send smoke into the atmosphere. reactor 3 a 5 foot thick container likely cracked. if the core melts down it could seep out and release radioactive plume. japanese government ordered everyone within 12 miles of the plant to evacuate. told people up to 19 miles away to close their windows and stay inside. u.s. is more cautious telling americans within 50 miles to leave. t
late last week and tonight he's a free man. lillian is in the newsroom with more for us. lillian. >>reporter: maurice caldwell says this is a case of justice finally prevailing but the d a office says knoll way does the release mean he's innocent. about 43-year-old maurice caldwell emerge from the san francisco jail a free man. he was in prison for 21 years. serving a murder sentence. last week that conviction was overturned. >> i feel in good being home. being able to touch my sister like this i feel in blessed. >>reporter: caldwell was convicted for the 1990 drug related murder of woman in san francisco but always maintained his innocence. while serving his time at folsom state prison he sought help. attorneys with the california indigent project responded to the call and past few years argued on his behalf in court. >> he was identified by a witness in the projects who looked out her wonder 0and claims to have seen him. it's a case of mistaken eyewitness identification which is a single largest cause of wrongful conviction in our country. and so it was a, her mistake. >
hours. and questions tonight about an influential silicon valley democrat. did he use his presidential access to land millions in federal loans? abc7 news begins in 60 secondndndndndndndndndndndndndnd >>> live in downtown san francisco, it is a beautiful, clear night after a day of record-setting heat. but problems persist even with this warm, dry weather, rain-soaked hillsides are putting homes at risk throughout the bay area. good evening. abc7's leslie brinkly is live in san pablo where a hill is still sliding and desperate homeowners are pleading with the city to help. leslie? >> that's exactly right, dan. it is a race against the clock basically for these homeowners. will they get emergency funding from the state? or will their houses go tumbling down the hillside first? >> the only way our house can be saved is first on the hill. the hill has been compromised. >> leon walker and his family are living at a hotel after his house was yellow taged on this rain ravaged hillside above san pablo road. he joined five other homeowners including the city manager to figure out
calm. >> he asked, who would do this, why somebody would do this. he asked us to call his son. >> the man was taken to uc davis medical center in sacramento with serious injuries to his hand, arm and legs. >> the doctor that called me said they had metal fragments in his shoulder, i believe. >> they were being taken out? >> yeah. >> police cleared people out of dozens of homes, unsure if there were more devices planted in newspapers or hidden in other spots in the neighborhood located at vaca valley parkway. no other bombs were discovered. >> we got a phone call though. emergency, what is it, reverse 9-1-1 call. and they said not to touch your newspaper or suspicious packages. >> neighbors describe the victim as active and friendly, a man who they often saw traveling the neighborhood. >> he drives around -- he rides his bike around the neighborhood. you say hi to him. >> this is a big scare. my husband is a veteran. he has been over to iraq, and this bomb was not something he wanted to hear in his own neighborhood. >> authorities are not sure exactly what type of bomb caused t
. -- by fire. even out of use fuel rods are in a difficult state. they may be out of water that could lead to the released of radio active clouds. >> the buildings are designed to contain a core melt. >> at a panel discussion tonight at uc berkeley, scientists explain that even with a cracked containment vessel a meltdown would not be as bad as chernobyl. >> there is no dust. there is no nuclear explosion. >> no one wanted to speculate on the amount of radiation contamination. the united nations' forecast is predicting a radio active plume will reach the islands on thursday before hitting southern california on friday. >> we are 8,000 kilometers far away. >> scientists emphasize the radiation levels would diminish as it travels, and it would have extremely minor health consequences in the u.s. >> whatever comes here, it will be small amount of radio active particles. >> in japan, radiation contamination is a serious possibility. an e-mail from a plant worker reads, my father is still working at the plant. they are running out of food. we think conditions are tough. he says he has much acce
they wanted. lillian is on campus for us tonight outside wheeler hall, william. >> student protestors claiming victory tonight after seven hours they say university officials finally agreed to some of their demands. 8 protestors received victory hug after they emerged from the hall for nearly seven hours they stood on the building 4 story ledge bound together with pvc pipe, duct tape. >> did it seem long. >> no it went very, very quickly. >> do you think you could have stayed there much longer. >> i don't know. i don't know. when you are fighting for a cause you believe in you can do plenty of things. >>reporter: started out with nine protestors but one got arrested soon after when he tried go back in the building. came to protest fighting against since 2009. budget cut for higher education and ongoing fee hook. stun on the ground came to show their support for those about perched above. >> we are the fun days of the university and if they keep pushing us to pay more fee and more fee and will cut down those who can attend the school and it's a serious lack of diversity. difficul
affected residents are hoping for dry weather especially after what the lane left us today. >> this is a sight seldom seen. two huge boulders. the white lincoln avoided being crushed but suffered damage on the front and side. the street around 12th avenue was closed by police. in mill valley around noon, a large hung of dirt slipped away and threatened a home. it and two on others below were evacuated. >> they asked us for us to leave. >> one home was red-tagged. >> it's been relentless. it's been scary. the wind, especially here with the redwood trees. power outages, it's been relentless. >> if one place, it's here at the junction of 12 and 121 in sonoma county, the water was a foot deep. in oakland, a small slide started a rock slide and closed one lane. a flagpole caused a pole to snap cause go pg&e to close a road. >> this portion of the road fell away. that road sign is six feet below where it once stood. >> no damage to private property no injuries. as long as it doesn't rain we'll be in pretty good shape. >> reporter: as long as it doesn't rain, it's a good bet every
, philippines and in the indonesian. it covers hawaii and the u.s. territory of guam. >> now large ship has rammed directly into a break water. quake rocked the tv newsroom in northern japan. look what happened here. everything swa swayed and falls. >> shaking forced officials to shut down japan famed bullet train system and tokyo subway to be checked for damages. this hit in the middle of the afternoon and already friday in japan. >> fire broke out throughout tokyo. 240 miles from the quake epi-center. people streamed out of high-rise to seek safety in the street. >> both major airport in tokyo closed their runway and several nuclear power plants have been shut down as well. >> the quake realitiesed japan parliament as legislators met in toke yochlt several after shock followed the quake including one measuring 7. 4. that was an after shock. 30 minutes after the quake tall buildings were still swaying in tokyo. >> joining us live is dr. robert hammer with uc berkeley size meteorology department. this is just a massive earthquakement can you describe for us the power that an 8.8 quak
,000 people use this section of line between pittsburgh bay point and concord on a typical workday. >> hopefully bart will still be running or i have to drive in. >> reporter: the 10-car train derailed after 9:00 a.m. after it was leaving the concord station. it happened as the operator switched to single track mode to get around work being done on another section of track. although the train was said to be going slow, three people suffered minor injuries. >> it wasn't too extreme. it was bumping around. it was like a bumpy ride almost. >> i was moving back and forth. it seemed like he was braking or something of that sort. >> reporter: people hope of getting east of pleasant hill were in luck today. many arrived unaware of the shut down rhia was trying to get to san francisco. >> we have to talk it out. but we have to go because we are trying to catch a show. my sister is performing. >> and others rely on buss to get to the stations. the bus ride added an extra 15 minutes to his trip. despite fixing the track they are confident the morning commute will go on as normal. crews are r
in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until may 1st at ikea, the life improvement store. >> alan: a powerful pacific storm is hitting the bay area tonight with heavy rain and fierce winds out there. good evening. this storm is taking down trees, knocking out power and threatening to push rivers and streams over their banks. let's go to leigh glaser with live doppler 7hd. >> leigh: the frontal band is right here so it's going to take at least an hour, hour and a half for this to move through the bay area. san francisco, richmond, los gatos, heavy showers and this is the actual frontal band. this is going to sweep through in the next couple hours. also getting hit, what -- watsonville. wind speeds topping over 45 miles-per-hour. san jose, moderate rain, up towards fremont. we had that rain now moving into towards san francisco, tiburon, larkspur. moraga, walnut creek, and novato. i want to mention this, an urban and small spring advisory for the entire bay area for low-lying flooding, in effect until 2:15 tomorrow morning, and speaking of the winds, oakla
. they passed a declaration of emergency. alan wang is live at city hall for us with what happens next. alan? >> well, the declaration of emergency paves the way for potential state funding. they are going to have to act fast because the city believes two of the homes were actually holding up the hillside and the pressure is building. >> we need help and we need it soon. >> he made his plea to adopt a resolution declaring a local state of emergency. this hillside is slowly swallowing up homes and his could be next. >> there is concern that as the water drives out the slip plain will worsen and it will let go at one time. >> the chief building official says this are actually two major slides. four homes have been red taged and four others were yellow taged yesterday. >> i want to be in that house until i pass away. >> they shouldn't be in there at night. my concern is they will be asleep and he will move and won't be aware of it. >> i slept in my house. i won't leave my house. i will stay and fight this. >> it is so fragile. the city put up a wall of barriers fearing the four red taged homes
to spill over in these pictures sent to us by you report by youtube. >>> barry bonds former business partner testified that bonds told him he was using steroids. he said he first found out about the steroid use in 1999, and he said he overheard bonds and his trainer, greg anderson, talk about steroid injections and bonds told him, quote, the steroid, the shots, were making his butt sore. in cross-examination, bonds' attorney tried to paint him as a former friend trying to point it at bonds. >>> the firefighters union like them agreed to give up pay and benefits for two years. the unions represent city engineers and architects and supervisors and midlevel managers. several others are bargaining with the city. >>> governor brown appears to be losing support for a june special election that he wanted to extend temporary taxes and fees. two/3 of voters supported it in january. but a new public policy shows support is now down to just 51% of likely voters. >>> want to avoid a speeding ticket? there is an app for that. they promised speed traps and even dui checkpoint. some are pushing to
is concerned about stock pile of mustard gas or other kind of chemical weapon. would you ever use those? >> [ laughing] haven't we solved the wmd program? about we got rid of all that. fv this is a thing of the past. we have already finished it. is it reason that any sensible man would use such a weapon against even his own enemy? let alone his own people? >> the international diplomatic community took firm action against gadhafi after the interview. secretary of state hillary clinton called for him to step down immediately. >> it is time for gadhafi to g go. now. without further violence or delay. >> clinton also says all options for dealing with gadhafi are on the table at this point including air patro patrols likely carried out by france. shexd spoke with geneva where union leaders met to impose new sanctions against libya, embargo, visa ban aimed directly attica dav i and his family. >>> more on christiane's exclusive interview with gadhafi come up right after the newscast on "nightline"at 1 11:35. >> back here at home. san mateo police chief says the man fatally shot by offic
. abc7's leslie brinkly is live for us outside the jail. leslie? >> we have been there all nightlong and they are just starting to walk out in the last hour. that's the 36 suspects whose cases were dismissed today. they bawivegly get their personal -- they basically get their personal belongings and are free back out on the streets. this man says he got a get out of jail free card in the form of a letter. >> it said your case is dismissed due to the scandal of the police officer so your case is dismissed jie. so you are out? >> i am out. >> at the request of prosecutors the judge issued a mass dismissal of 36 cases, most drug arrests, but also some robberies. >> if we believe we do not have the evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable are doubt, given the circumstances, what is going on with the officers at this point, we are dismissing the case. >> the district attorney is making the right call. there is no way a case can be proven in court when you have these questions about the officer's credibility. >> the growing scandal includes eight san francisco police officers who alleg
is near the scene for us live tonight. allen? >> if you know scott valley you know it is surrounded by steep cliffs and crumble rock so people out here are accustomed to rock and mud slide but this one was the biggest one they have seen in quite awhile. resident along lockhart gulch road noticed parts of the cliff breaking off this morning. then it all came down around 2 this afternoon and jackie was waiting with her i-phone. >> anyone there was that's going down. we kept thinking it was going down any minute. oh, man. oh, man. l oh, my gosh. oh. [ screaming] pishtion the slide is about 2 to 300 feet long and about 150 feet wide. it wiped out a power line and cut off about 25 homes from the main road. residents can walk around it but no vehicle are getting by. scott valley fire district says the slide is still moving ever so slightly. >> most of the cliff around the valley are made up of the mud stone which is very unstable rock. in fact you can still hear few chunk breaking off up there. >>reporter: it came within 30 yard of the home. sealed off the entrance to rick's driv
are taking these tiny iodine tablets to block the affects of radiation. here in the u.s. there has been a run on over-the-counter potassium eye -- iodine, but they say it is unwarranted. here is lisa amin gulezian. >>> hopefully we will have that within a week, but it is not sure yet. >> at this nutrition store in san jose -- >> everybody wants to get the potassium iodide. people are coming in every 15 minutes asking for the same thing. >> there is a sudden and urgent run on the potassium iodide pills, liquid and even alternatives such as kill of -- kelp. >> this is another seasoning with kelp in it that is also totally gone. >> the reason for the high demand is 5,000 miles away in japan where a nuclear plant is leaking radiation. iodine is a radio active element that can be absorbed by the thyroid. taking potassium iodide can block it. they are distributing the pills to citizens and all walgreens are shipping their full supply of pills to japan as well. >> how challenging is it to find these pills? >> it is difficult. pretty much all of the stores don't have it. >> they are available on e b
but they worry shoyrping the hillside will be too expensive. >> and see fit is worth us staying here if the house is going to be stable. >>reporter: these home opens discall their insurance company and were told that this falls in the flood category. unfortunately the homeowners are not covered for floods. live in san pablo, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you lillian. to the south bay where police order evacuation of 2 mobile home parks because of flooding. this video from you tube shows the creek overflowing with water pouring down the street in the ville annual. both police and fire department buildings on capitol avenue also flooded. no word yet on how much damage was done to businesses in the village. >>> total of about 5000 l bay area customers are without power tonight. vast majority of them on the peninsula. that includes the residents of towers senior home in san mateo o. they have to spend the night in the dark because of a blown transformer. >> all right. right now we are finally getting a break from the heavy rape. >> this isn't the end of the march storms. sandy is here live n
which was in use right away. >> i thought we would be walking over the rock pile. >> reporter: but there is still no real way in for ambulances or for fire trucks, and a handful of people are still without power. >> that's the primary concern right now is emergency access. this is a hearty group. >> and they are grateful no one was hurt in the slide and no homes were damaged. >> we are dealing with mother nature. >> everybody is remarkably patient. >> and tomorrow a senior geologist will visit the scene and make recommendations and residents can go to a special meeting tomorrow to find out about the next steps. that will take place at 4:00 on nelson road in front of the sheriff's communication center. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> lisa, thank you. >>> santa clara valley water district officials say more rain could mean an over flow next week at the lexington reservoir. regulators are currently releasing the maximum amount to keep the reservoir from pouring out of its spill way. the reservoir has been spilling over since sunday and there was a spill at the coyote reservoir.
and lots of garbage, all fallout from the foreclosure crisis. people are using the yards of the many vacant and foreclosed homes in the iron triangle as trashcans. as soon as they clean up one mess there is a new one somewhere else. this is a story reported by our partners at the bay area citizen. thomas roman has more. >> horrible. >> this is the horror. this is richmond's eastern triangle. >> people are coming in with trucks. they dumped lumber, couches, everything. >> today it is garbage that sits next to her home. food, clothes and other trash that she says is not only ugly, but unhealthy. >> i call all the time to tell them about this. it causes rats and mice. >> she says it is a constant battle to keep the area clean. >> how long have you lived here? >> three years. >> how long has this problem been going on? >> three years. >> today she was able to complain directly to the richmond city councilman. he was showing us spots throughout the area where illegal dumping has become comep place like this alleyway. >> the bank's foreclosed homes and alleys like this. it is just people who are
. even the u.s. ronald reagan was forced to turn back testing showed several sailors received a month worth of radiation in an hour. after passing through a radiated cloud. the constant anxiety over the ongoing nuclear crisis is hampering effort to rescue survivors and deliver supplies. increasingly the efforts are unsuccessful. >> our team has found anyone providing. >>reporter: those who did survive are sifting through the rubble of what is left of their homes looking for anything to salvage. this woman says my friends died. so many people i know died. sentiment shared by thousands. since that third explosion there has been renewed push to take preventive measure in relation to radiation exposure with iodine tablet and radiation barn that darkened as the level of exposure begin to rise. >> now many people here are concerned public health officials in california say however there is little risk that radioactive material could reach california unless the disaster gets worse. particle are capable certainly of traveling across the pacific from asian a.sandy is here with more on
plaza. >> the man climbed into a toll booth and used a tunnel to get to the building. chp swarmed the plaza tonight. >> it started with a routine traffic stop. officers pulled over the driver on the bus ramp heading toward the plaza. they dropped a gun and headed to the toll booth and into the tunnel. >> they surrounded the cal trans building and arrested a man near a dumpster just outside. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. >>> a notorious drug spot in san francisco is raising allegations of a police cover up, and it could jeprodize drug cases city wide. leslie has the story. >> san francisco's public defender claims that six narcotics officers may have falsified police reports about arrests they made at the henry hotel at 6 and mission. it could compromise scores of other drug cases. >> taken in december and january on the fifth floor of the henry hotel, this surveillance video shows undercover officers in a hallway following up on a drug tip. san francisco's public defender says in one instance the officers entered a unit without first getting consent. in another, as you
who con trabted with the garbage company or to use municipal services to deliver recycling services who did not see costs rise after the changes were made. >> a contract consult at the present time said they could save $1.5 million by ending the contract with the ecology center. >> we are recommending the reduction of two to one and reduction of routes. it would be a reduction in labor and increase one fusht see on the route. >> he worked as a sanitation worker in philadelphia. he says it is important to have a second person on the truck in case there is an accident or injury. >> on the other hand you have to go up and down the streets twice. it contributes to the greenhouse gas emissions, and there is a safety factor i raised tonight. it doesn't consider the fact that the income for selling cardboard has gone up since 2008 from $10 to $200 a ton and the ecology center is paying $1 million more than it did last year. >> paper is scarce because of the electronic age. and the need for recycled paper doesn't go away. so i think that is driving the place up. >> one thing the council and
reaction starred with a jackknifed semi. another semi continue avoid it. >> the blue suv in between us. he popped out. then i looked over to the side, the car was coming, the propane truck. >> yes, you heard right, cattle truck went straight in. tanker driver from a haven in the ditch but chain reaction begun. >> you were sliding, you had to be terrified? >> we were worried and looking for anywhere to go but there was nothing we could do. >> 40 cars piled up. several were destroyed and one man was killed. >> that person was outside the truck and trying to put chains on and he was struck by another vehicle. >> it was a nightmare lasting for hours, with traffic parked on the highway but many say even with all of this, it could have been worse. >> today was a lucky day for a lot of us. still kind of shaking at times. >> beside the one fatality, there was broken legs and rephrased ribs. they say it's going to take a while to determine exactly how many people were hurt. >>> and more now on the hailstorm in the east bay. we have new report photos. justin gross took this one in berkeley, you see
anticipated and us a had evacuations of 6,000 people. they are concerned about cooling reactor and avoiding more leaks. >> this increase in radioactivity in the control room makes me very nervous. >> u.c. berkeley professor was born in japan. he and every engineering person in the engineering department are concerned about the damage of the power plant and release of the radio activity that resulted. the radiation in the control room is 1,000 times higher than normal. he says it's not dangerous but unprecedented. >> more concern is the reasons why radioactivity is so high is observed in the control room. >> he says it's one of japan's first generation nuclear power plants. it has a series of safety features that should have prevented the release of any radiation. >> the reactor is guarded by multiple bayous. this time some of these were broken but we still have barriers in the system. >> he says that is reason radioactivity has been confined to the control room and not the atmosphere. a this point japanese engineers are trying to safely cool the reactor down by releasing steam and slowly po
: debris removal has begun. the next step is to get boats off the harbor floor. one method involves the use of giant air bags. >> like large balloons and helps raise it up. cranes. >> reporter: as the cleanup moves forward, those hardest hit, even those with insurance, are wondering how long the recovery will take. >> two or three months before we'll see a nickel. so people that lost our homes, what are we going to do? >> reporter: a lot of heartache and unanswered questions, but the cleanup is well underway. the first boat that was pulled from the harbor floor has been hauled away and because at of there's a strong smell of edition until the air but that -- smell of diesel in the air but that's being cleaned up. >> alan: the coast guard provide evidence this footage, six boats were confirmed sunk. repeated surges, some as high is a eight feet, tossed boats for nearly 24 hours. some fishermen returned to survey the damage today. >> this is the first time i have been down here since this happened. >> where is your boat? >> over there underwater, crushed. i was in the middle of changing engin
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